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Re: [debian-knoppix] cheatcode suggestion + link correction


Le samedi 8 Mai 2004 17:46, Yann Cochard a écrit :
> Here and there, I could see some people which do not like the startup and
> shutdown sounds, and the wallpaper, especially when booting the Knoppix at
> work. So here is a suggestion: it may be possible to have a cheatcode
> named "business", "quiet", "sad", "nonflashy" or something else, which
> starts a quiet system: no sound, just a plain blue or green background, no
> Konqueror window, maybe a windows-look theme, etc...

Why not ? I would say that they could start with the noaudio option in this 
case they will simply have no sound :)

> Other point: I don't know if it is here the best place to report this, but
> there is a dead link on http://www.knoppix.org/ : the link to the French
> page is not correct anymore, it shoud now be knoppix-fr.org (instead of
> knoppixfr.org).

Thank's a lot to mention that point :)
Knoppixfr : http://knoppix-fr.org/
Fro4nix : http://www.fro4nix.org/
HAPedit Team : http://hapedit.free.fr/ 
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