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[debian-knoppix] Small Laundry list....

A couple of things that I have noticed reguarding Knoppix 3.4

- added - The 2.6 kernel also apparently seems to find firewire on EVERY machine I have tried so far. Including the three listed below under the megaraid issue. - added -

1.) I have repeatedly seen the megaraid0 driver segfault. while booting the 2.6 kernel, on multiple machines. Including

 P-4 2.8Ghz 800FSB with hyperthreading 512Mb DDR ram
 Motherboard: DFI (Diamond Flower) PS-85(nb) and PS-83(nb) same board except the 85 has onboard video.

 Dell-8000 p-4 desktop pc... not sure of the components other than that it was a 1.6 or .8 and had RDRAM memory.

 I am aware of the work around with using noscsi but this is just a bug report. no biggie to me. If you want more info or dmesg or something let me know how to obtain such information and im more than willing to forward it to you. the 2.4 kernel boots with no apparent hang up.

2.) On the F2 cheatcodes page where it lists the shortcut to change the refresh rate it says "knoppix vsync=85" then in the description field says something like " To tell knoppix to use 60Hz refresh" should be changed to matching numbers.

3.) In the F-prot GUI script. (will be forwarding this to maintainer as well) the update option should be listed before the scan button. otherwise newer users would scan the machine with old definitions  first. Otherwise I love the idea of live installer scripts. Great work developers... Klaus...


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