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Re: [debian-knoppix] mount with cloop-2 on 2.6.x kernel problem

On Sat, May 01, 2004 at 02:45:49PM +0200, Yann Cochard wrote:
> Thanks. It now goes further: it generates the cloop.o file, but with warnings,
> and after that it does not work (see below all the error messages).
> The insmod command outputs an error : "Unknown symbol in module" (see below).
> zlib.h was missing, so I installed the package zlib1-devel.

Ive been having the same issue. I solved it by downloading the cloop
source used in Berry Linux [0] and building it against my current kernel
headers. I am now able to do insmod -f cloop.ko file=image and mount
/dev/cloop /mnt/ using a 2.6.5 kernel.

Download, extract and build



Rene Cunningham
DCLabs Pty Ltd
Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a mistake
when you make it again.
		-- Franklin P. Jones

[0] - http://berry.sourceforge.jp/
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