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[debian-knoppix] New Quantian release available

[ This email is sent to those whose email addresses are in my quantian
   mail folder due to prior emails, plus LWN and DWN who had run previous
   announcements, and as suggested, the openmosix-general, clusterknoppix
   and debian-knoppix lists. Anybody who considers this unwanted is kindly
   asked to send me a private mail and I will immediately remove the 
   corresponding alias entry. --edd ]

Announcing Quantian release 

I   What is Quantian?

    Quantian is a remastering of the self-configuring and directly bootable
    Knoppix cdrom that turns any pc or laptop into a full-featured Linux
    workstation. Recent versions of Quantian are based on clusterKnoppix 
    and add support for openMosix. Quantian differs from (cluster)Knoppix 
    by adding a large set of programs of interest to applied or theoretical 
    workers in quantitative or data-driven fields.

    See http://dirk.eddelbuettel.com/quantian.html for more details.

II  What is new?

    o New Debian packages:
       -  R / CRAN packages r-cran-qtl, r-cran-dbi and r-cran-mysql 
       -  Scientific Python packages: python2.3-scipy, python2.3-umfpack and
          python2.3-arpack from a contributed archive by Jose Fonseca; also
 	  added standard Debian packages python-scientific and python-numeric
       -  A+ packages aplus-fsf, aplus-fsf-dev, aplus-fsf-el and xfonts-kapl 
          providing the APL dialect A+ originally developed by Morgan Stanley
       -  Massively parallel quantum chemistry standard Debian packages mpqc 
          and mpqc-support; also added Debian packages ghemical and xppaut

    o Retain acroread and lyx packages that were previously removed

    o Relative to previous versions, removed blender, scribus and sketch. 

    o Packages updated throughout

    o ClusterKnoppix changes (based on the release dated 2003-11-25)
       - Sync with latest Knoppix release 2003-11-19
       - Upgraded to openmosix 2.4.22-2
       - MFS enabled again (openmosix tmpfs oops fixed)
       - chpox upgraded to 0.6b
       - nforce2 chipset support added
       - xfs support added
       - ipsec support added (freeswan 2.03)
       - tyd from CHAOS added 

    o Knoppix changes
       - 2003-11-19: Added vpnc (Open Source Cisco client), prelink, 
         qt3-designer, lots of updated packages. Removed selfhtml, sodipodi,
         abiword, karbon. 
       - 2003-11-14: Euro symbol works again in konsole, but font scanning at
         startup is slow (fontconfig?), added bittorrent ncurses client, ALSA
         package update, "knoppix testcd" option is now more verbose, changed
         default timings in monitor detection (may give better results with
         DDC-capable monitors, but may require probably have to use "knoppix
         vsync=60" for non-DDC-capable TFT displays), the usual bunch of
         Debian package updates. 
       - 2003-11-03: New background picture, the usual lot of updates,
         OpenOffice 1.1 (english and german) [ removed in Quantian, though ],
         KDE 3.1.4 (partly, some packages still missing), removed compressed
         changelogs for space reasons. Known bugs: Some ISO8859-15 fonts do
         not work correctly in the KDE console  
       - Knoppix 3.3 changelog on knoppix.net

    See http://dirk.eddelbuettel.com/quantian/changelog.html for more details.

III Where do I get it?

    Downloads are available from the two main hosts both of which also
    provide rsync:

    o U of Washington:  
      - http://www.analytics.washington.edu/downloads/quantian
      - rsync://www.analytics.washington.edu::quantian

    o U of Wisconsin/Madison:  
      - http://franz.stat.wisc.edu/~edd/quantian
      - rsync://rsync.r-project.org::quantian

    o European mirror, bittorrent site and cdrom vendors will hopefully
      catch up over the next few days. See 

      for download info.

IV  Known Bugs

    o openMosix autodiscovery
      In my tests last night,machines were not 'seeing' each other out of 
      the box using autodiscovery. Following a hint at 
      I opted for a quick four-step correction:

      1) edit /etc/hosts and a) remove the 'Knoppix' entry from the localhost
         definition and b) add a new entry for the hostname Knoppix with the
	 actual (dhcp-provided) ip address, i.e. change the file to  Knoppix	localhost 
         for the machine with IP; idem for .101 and .102.	

      2) edit /etc/default/openmosix.config and set/uncomment 
         to turn autodiscovery off

      3) edit /etc/openmosix.map and define a simple three machine cluster
         via an entry
      4) finally force a restart of openMosix via (as root)
		 /etc/init.d/quantian-openmosix restart

      After doing that on all three machines, and starting 'openmosixview' as
      root then shows all machines and a test migration of a few Monte Carlo
      simulations worked without a glitch.

      I'd would welcome suggestions from those more familar with openMosix
      and autodiscovery 

    o KDE panel / kicker

      The two entries for XEmacs and openMosixview don't work.

V   Other items

    o Time for a proper mailing list?

      Shall I ask the Debian mailing lists administrators to create a 
      list debian-quantian (or quantian-user or ...) to allow for a better
      exchange of ideas, tips, gripes or praise?

    o Feedback / poll on package additions or removal

      As always, I welcome comments and suggestions about programs to be
      added or removed. Existing Debian packages get pushed to the front of
      the line.

Best regards,  Dirk

Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others.
                                                -- Groucho Marx
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