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Re: [debian-knoppix] New Knoppix on the Bolic?

Has anyone used this?
Any good?

yes and yes :)

this is slightly off-topic, as Dynebolic isn't a Knoppix derivative, it's a live CD based on gentoo. it is somewhat smaller than the Knoppix and doesn't have so many different programs, mostly one for one task, but has a lot of multimedia, audio production, streaming. it's lighter and more focused (you don't get three complete office suites, but you get freej, muse, cinelerra and other goodies), with more complete alsa support. it has an X-based configuration on startup which is way friendlier than the infamous cheatcodes of Knoppix

one notable feature that Dynebolic has over Knoppix is nvidia 3d acceleration drivers (yes the closed source ones). one notable feature that Knoppix has over Dynebolic is installation. Dynebolic is strictly boot-from-CD, but uses a method called nesting to get persistent home and even install new programs.

it uses Windowmaker and has a very nice menu, structured in a datatype / task hierarchy, so its easy for new users to find the right program without knowing its name

for a somewhat more limited audience (the creative/artist type) it is a very good system.


GNU/Linux is a live bootable distribution, an operating system which
works directly from the CD without the need to install or change
anything on the hard disk. It is user-friendly, recognizes your hardware
devices (sound, video, firewire, and USB), and offers a vast range of
software for multimedia production, streaming, 3D modeling, photo,
peer-to-peer filesharing, Web browsing and publishing, word processing,
email, encryption, and networking. It also includes games and a world
navigator. It does automatic clustering, joining the CPU power between
any other dyne:bolic on the local network, and works on modded XBOX

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