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[debian-knoppix] compiling KDE applications

I have installed Knoppix v3.3 to hard drive and used
apt-get to upgrade all kde packages to version 3.1.4.
Here is my problem, I would like to compile the latest
version of k3b to burn dvd's. However, when I run
./configure --prefix=/usr/lib/kde3/ I get an error
about missing lXinerama_pics and xlibs_pics 4.2.1.
After doing some googling, it seems that kde
development packages have dependencies on xfree86
version 4.2.1, but Knoppix comes with version 4.3.0.
Knoppix comes installed with package "xlibs-pics" with
description of "Empty dummy package to fix broken
kdelibs4-dev dependencies" I think this may be part of
the problem. 

Has anyone been able to compile KDE applications of Knoppix?

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