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[debian-knoppix] Jigdosupport with cloop 1.02 / Knoppix

Hello all,

  first of all sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language.
  I have made a purpose to Klaus Knopper (the author of Knoppix
  http://www.knopper.net/) to use Jigdo for mastering Knoppix instead
  of spreading every version as single iso-image.
  The problem is that Knoppix uses a packed filesystem (cloop 1.02)
  Mr. Knopper thought that this idea is ok, but he don't know (me,
  too) how to handle the packed filesystem.
  Is it possible to alter jigdo so that it can
  1) check in a "cloop"-filesystem which data is in it (to save
     unnecessary downloads)
  2) to create a file with this filesystem in it.

  Creation of Knoppix image should than be like this:
  Jigdo checks the inner filesystem (/KNOPPIX/knoppix) of Knoppix CD
  (if there is an old version)
  Jigdo downloads all packets of the inner filesystem.
  These packages are used to create an uncomprossed image (like jido
  does it know), this image have to compress with cloop (new programm
  is needed because it can't be a kernel driver but a standalone exe)
  The know compressed file (/KNOPPIX/knoppix) and the other files
  (maybe user configfiles) are mastered together as an ISO.
  Temporary space needed ~ 4 GB.

Best regards,

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