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[debian-knoppix] NewBie: removing tetex? adding gnome / login / passwords

I would like a couple of answers and help with my knoppix remaster.
First off, tetex takes up 90mb or so and if it's not necessary I'd love to get rid of it. From what I get off the net it's like a word processor or sort. Can it be safely removed? if I need to do something else please let me know

I would love to get passwords back and have a login screen (gui)
How can it be done? Can it be done?

I would also love to get gnome 2.2+ to be able to show to people the main guis after installation of a typical linux distro. I've read the faq on www.knoppix.net @ http://www.knoppix.net/docs/index.php/FaqInstall

Anything else I need to know about getting gnome working and is there any problems I should know about and what to do about them?

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