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Re: [debian-knoppix] Matrox G550 and TFT with DVI-cable

On Fri, Oct 03, 2003 at 09:12:25PM +0200, Philipp Luttenberger wrote:
> Hidiho!
> I have a computer with Matrox G550 and a Samsung 17"-TFT which are 
> connected with a DVI-cable. Now I have the problem, that Knoppix recognizes 
> the GPU but when the x-server starts I get a blank Screen. Is there a way 
> to tell Knoppix that there is a monitor - not a CRT but a TFT (something 
> like "Knoppix monitor=tft cable=dvi")?

nvtv and atitvout are tools for switching between ports, but most likely
won't work with a Matrox card.

If you use the (slow but reliable) framebuffer X-Server, the tvout picture
should survive the start of the X-Server. Use




instead of the keyword "knoppix" at the boot:-prompt. I use this on my
notebook frequently when using a projector in talks.

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