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[debian-knoppix] Re: request: knoppix conversion to kernel 2.6 howto

apt-get update
apt-cache search kernel|grep 2.6.0
apt-get install -t unstable kernel-image-2.6.0-testnr.something
follow instructions

be careful when you're not using ext2, then you need to make a new

I've been following the above instructions on two systems:
1) one IDE PC with just one disk; worked fine
2) a SCSI system, with knoppix installed to the 2nd unit (sdbx)
The second one fails to boot, or more exactly lilo loads the new
kernel ok, which then fails to mount the root (ext3) FS. I suspect
this is because the initrd does not have the necessary aic7xx scsi
driver module. Could someone point me to instructions on how to
build a custom initrd (which I hope to perform on the working
system, then install on the other one).


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