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Re: [debian-knoppix] Installing software on Knoppix without installing Knoppix on the Hard Drive

On Thu, 25 Sep 2003 17:33, highsecu@no-log.org wrote:
> After some search on the Internet, I couldn't find response to the
> following question, so I hope you will have some good idea on this
> matter...
> - I'm searching a way to install new software on Knoppix without
> installing Knoppix on the Hard Drive. For example, I want to install the
> software ngrep on my persistent home directory.
> It seems that 'apt-get install' must have access in read-write mode to
> /var/lib/dpkg/lock and /var/apt/cache, so the only way I have found is to
> download the source and make a compilation on my home directory.

It *is* possible to remaster the system using nothing more than a knoppix cd, 
and enough properly formatted harddrive space. What you have to do is copy 
the entire CD to a tempory location, do your updates/changes (use chroot to 
do it 'in' the copy), then recreate the image and burn it to a CD.

Obviously this requires a cd reader, a seperate cd writer, and a location that 
will hold unix permissions properly (i.e. a fat32 drive won't cut it).

I'm just about to go on a weeklong camp where we will be using a remastered 
version of knoppix, when we get back we're planning to publish the scripts 
that we used to remaster the cds - alot of the manual process was replaced 
with scripts - we didn't do it using knoppix as the mastering host as we had 
perfectly capable linux machines running around, but it is feasable to use 
knoppix as a host.

Stephen Thorne.
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