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[debian-knoppix] [ANNOUNCE] Knoppix-PPC (apple mac) Prototype available


I did some hacking during LinuxTag and made an initial prototype for Knoppix 
on Macs. (no cloop yet, though, so don't expect wonders)

It has some problems but should be bootable and find most hardware, although 
it has not modelines for all things. So X can make problems.

My problem is, that I don't have a mac and had to work with the powerbook 
someone had, but it did work on his and on other macs on the LinuxTag booth.

it has only some base software installed (e.g. no kde and is only for testing 
purposes, so no production quality)

It was more a proof-of-concept, than a whole distribution ... (but there will 
possibly other guys working on it)

Heh, what do you expect in 3-4 days+nights ?

One Mirror is online, please test as I had some problems with md5-sums and 
reading the CD-image :-(. (and with no mac, I can't test it myself)




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