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Re: [debian-knoppix] deflating LILO and no waiting for Widows

Hallo Ed,

> On the load up sequence it 'LILO waits'
> for me to choose Linux or something called
> 'Widows NT' (which is not available the hard disk containng ths
> being removed
> Then I have to wait 30 seconds or press 'space
> to continue'
>  . . . (if I press RETURN a list of video modes will be presented)

in /etc/lilo.conf add before the sections containing image=/boot/...

and change the values for delay and timeout:


waits 1 sec (10 deciseconds!)  before booting or keypressed

remove the block(s) containing :


Then as root do:


# added linux *
should appear, if succsessfull.

look in "man lilo.conf" for additional information!
> Is there anyway of autobooting
> straight into LINUX
> (I already by pass the password sequence)
> No Lilo choice
> No waiting

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