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[debian-knoppix] boot in memory stick (Was: delay in ash-knoppix?)

Hello folks,

http://www.8ung.at/spblinux/index.htm might be worth to read.
I've been worked with the project "boot in CD-RW UDF" but it was postponed.

Christian Perle wrote:
> I managed to get a 128MB usb memory stick bootable with a stripped
> down version (82MB) of Knoppix. I had to include the necessary usb
> kernel modules (usb-uhci, usb-ohci, usb-storage) in the initial
> ramdisk (miniroot.gz) and I modified /linuxrc.

Nicki Messerschmidt wrote:
>Could you provide this or a how to? And did you find a solution to the
>timing problem you encountered with the usb modules?

>A bootable usb memory stick would be a really cool thing... *g*

Kohjin - JR1EDE

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