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[debian-knoppix] Problem understanding how knoppix works

I've read some of the knoppix documentation and I still can't figure out
how it all works.
I'm having problems with all those knoppix mounts.
I saw that /home and /usr are mounted under /ramdisc which is RAM memory
emulated from /dev/shm (usually it emulates half of the total RAM
memory). I presume the /usr directory is taken from the cd and placed
into ramdisc.
But when I issue a du -k under the root directory I see a KNOPPIX one
occupying about 2 Gb of space. How is this possible? while the rest
occupies a total of 700 Mb (exactly the cd size).
And what is realy that device /dev/root which is mounted as "/"? I want
to understand the concept behind this.
And if I modify with vim the file lets say /etc/resolv.conf where does
he save it afterwards ? as the file resides in /etc/ on /dev/root which
is mounted as "/". and /dev/root is mounted from the cd..and it seems
And the directory structure on " /" look exactly like the one under the
KNOPPIX folder.(the only difference being that / occupies 700 Mb not
counting the knoppix folder it contains)
Please help me understand the way this works. (and how knoppix emulates
and uses the system ram). or give me some relevant material that
explains this process of organizing files and running programs and
allowing the user to modify files that are not mounted in ramdisc but
are on a cd.(like the ones in /etc ).


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