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Re: [debian-knoppix] Finnish translation of Knoppix - how?

>From Otto Kekäläinen on Saturday, 2003-04-05 at 10:11:29 +0300:
> Hello!
> I would like to have Finnish included in the selections of languages in 
> Knoppix. What files in Knoppix do I need to translate and to who should I 
> submit the translated files? To Klaus Knopper himself? Do you think he 
> accepts more languages in Knoppix?
> -Otto

I am working on a version of Knoppix for Nordic and Baltic languages,
including Finnish.  A version based on Knoppix-2003-01-20 can be found at


I am working on a new version based on Knoppix-2003-03-30, and I
would LOVE to have your tranlation of "What is Knoppix?" to fill
in the Finnish blank spot in


If you are comfortable redoing the html file, I would recommend


or one of the other already-available translations, and tranlating 
the html file directly.  Otherwise, I can send you a text version 
of this file, and I will convert the tranlation to html.


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