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Re: [debian-knoppix] "distcc" and "ccache" for Knoppix

Am Sonntag, 10. November 2002 15:56 schrieb Kurt Pfeifle:
> Hi, all,
> I'd like to suggest to include "distcc" and "ccache" on Knoppix,
> plus make it work with as much pre-configuration as possible (or
> with a little GUI-wizard to step one throught the setup...)

Please, Klaus. I would aprecciate this too ...

This sounds marvellous !

>    http://distcc.samba.org/
>    http://ccache.samba.org/
> "ccache" is a compiler cache (working transparently for the user,
> by doing an "ln -s /path/to/ccache /path/to/gcc"). It accelerates
> repeated compilations up to the 3fold speed, after a "make clean"
> was necessary, by using *.o files from the cache, but it always
> produces exactly the same output that the real compiler would
> produce without the (c)cache (works well for large programs like
> Samba, KDE, Mozilla, emacs, GARNOME...)!

You mostly only know what you were missing, when you get to know new things 

Great, thx for this cool tip!
> ccache and distcc may be used at the same time or independently
> from each other. Both are under 200 kB in size. distcc doesn't break
> the build process should the network or one of the "distccd" machines
> go down. It then simply completes everything on its own...
> I know this is not a thing for a "Knoppix Desktop" distribution
> in the first place. But after all there is "gcc" on the Knoppix,
> isn't it?

Hey, knoppix have made the life of many easier :-)

Why not also for programmers/developers :-)

It even has gideon (kdevelop3) :-)

> It would be rather cool if I could use Knoppix in the office, after
> the working hours are over, or during weekends: insert the CDs into
> a few fast Windows machines "belonging" to my collegues (whom I'd
> ask for their permission of course first  ;-) ,start the compiler
> on my own machine and have a complete KDE CVS compilation finished
> in 3 hours instead of 24! [Possibly a lot of Gentoo fans could be
> very pleased to get an acceleration for their "emerge" mantras
> (at least after they have run "emerge distcc"...)]

lol :-)

> It could possibly be combined with the network boot terminal server
> thingy too. I am not a compiler/compilation and build system guru.
> Maybe some experts in these issues could get interested in this
> application of the "Knoppix-All-in-Wonder". I am not sure if you need
> a swap partition or a swapfile for it to really work. My main idea
> is to have my real machine be supported by some occasionally booted
> fast "volunteer" Windows boxen in my office neighbourhood turned
> into Knoppix machines running a distccd.

I have compiled things from a machine, which ran from CD only and only in 
memory ...

> I hope someone with the abilities I am lacking gets interested in
> implementing this. Possibly it is enough to include it in the new
> "small-sized" Knoppix mini-CD project...

With the programs installed, I volounteer to implement an option for 
knoppix-autoconfig to not start an X-Server, but a distcc-demon ...

I also wanted to implement X-Server-Query Support ... (Ideal, for a small 
ltsp-Project, based on Knoppix ...)

Klaus, would you include this, when I have programmed it ?


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