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[debian-knoppix] Clients able to boot per etherboot from Knoppix-Terminalserver


it is possible to use etherboot...

I just made a disk for my compexrl2000-network-card (www.rom-o-matic.net, 

I let everything on default ...

I wrote this to floppy-disk with dd ...

I started knoppix-terminalserver ...

I changed to /tftpboot and executed mknbi vmlinuz miniroot.gz > vmlinuz_tagged 
(note: mknbi was not available in knoppix version I used (04/09/2002))

I changed in dhcpd.conf pxeboot.0 to vmlinuz_tagged and restarted dhcpd ...

I booted the other client per floppy, it found the tagged image, found the 
network drivers (0_8390.o and ne2k-pci.o) and all I had to do was to specify 
the nfs-root (because there are no boot-params given with etherboot, but 
there was somewhere an option I think ...)

And then it booted over nfs ...

So, perhaps on some machines it works on other not ... ?!

So please, Klaus include mknbi-package (67.6 Kb) in the next Knoppix-Version 
and let knoppix-terminal-server create a tagged image, there is also an 
option in dhcpd.conf, which can diff between etherboot and pxe-clients ...

two additional lines can't hurt ...

With the commandlines, I'll think about it ...


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