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Re: [debian-knoppix] ANNOUNCE: Tool for customizing Knoppix ISO-image before burning w/o remastering

On Wed, Oct 23, 2002 at 09:12:20PM +0200, Kester Habermann wrote:
> List files in the boot-floppy (you can specify a 1.44MB boot floppy or
> the 700 MB ISO-Image):
>   knoppix-customize --image boot.img --action list
> Copy the file syslinux.cfg from the floppy or iso-image to a local file:
>   knoppix-customize --image boot.img --action export_file --image_file syslinux.cfg --local_file syslinux.cfg
> Now you may edit syslinux.cfg. Make sure the size doesn't change!
> (Some editors may add newlines)
> Copy the local file you just edited into the image:
>   knoppix-customize --image boot.img --action import_file --image_file syslinux.cfg --local_file syslinux.cfg
> You may also exchange other files like the kbdmap or the boot message screen.

Why not mount the floppy image loopback and making the changes


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