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Re: [debian-knoppix] Terminal services

Hi Atenea,

A> I´m trying booting remotely via PXE (floppy from rom-o-matic) from a server
A> already running KNOPPIX, but I get this error:  "LOADING
A> ... error: not a valid image. Unable to load file"

unfortunatelly the rom-o-matic style isn't actually PXE.. the image
you need for etherboot (the rom-o-matic) is a kernel image that was
"tagged" by doing "mknbi-linux vmlinuz miniboot.gz" and probably the
boot-options for the append line..
my try with etherboot was unsuccesful tough so far as it won't load
the network modules.. but maybe you can figure out what to do to not
need a statically built kernel (for the networking stuff)

Best regards,

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