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Re: [debian-knoppix] DVD Drives?

On Fri, Oct 04, 2002 at 03:19:23PM -0400, CalcPage@aol.com wrote:
> How about a KNOPPIX version which isn't compressed?  This would run faster 
> and with less RAM.

Actually, I'm afraid that it would run slower and require more RAM.

Decompression via cloop wins any reading benchmark versus the CD-Rom
speed and laser head movement. Also, the cloop block layer caching is
very efficient and read-optimized, so there are no duplicate buffers
created as opposed to compression on the filesystem layer.

> I know there'e DVD+RW drives out now that hold about 4.7 
> GB of data.  What I don't know is if the DVD drives are bootable like CD 
> drives?

They are, but putting KNOPPIX uncompressed on a CD-Rom will slow things
down by factor 2 or so. You may want to try by cloop-compressing and
reading a standard 700MB iso image. Even if your CPU is slow, reading
with compression factor 3 is still faster than reading the same amount
of data uncompressed.

Besides, not everyone can burn DVD images.

You CAN unpack Knoppix into a Directory KNOPPIX on a DVD, if you like,
it should still run the same if you use the same bootfloppy image, but

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