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[debian-knoppix] VMware inside Knoppix.

[I know VMware is not free... and Knoppix is free/open
but what if you want to get best of both world]

Thanks to Eduard Bloch,
I can now boot knoppix from an iso file into VMware.

I did follow the advice both from him and VMware at the letter.
I found this link that might reduce search time:
And also this one about Ramdisk did help me:
Be carefull not to play with /dev/ram0 but with /dev/ram1
since knoppix use a ramdisk already.

However the solution is not perfect yet.
It seems that my Ramdrive is way too big and I don't find how to change the
Any help on changing the ramdisk size (only /dev/ram1 not the /dev/ram0) is

I was considering creating a filesystem on a file and loop mounting it at
the right place.
What do you think about this solution?

There is another thing I don't understand.
In knoppix I found a version of vmware_drv.o but with that one it does not
When I use the one from VM web site, it work ok.

Please take good notice that I tested all this with V2.2 24-04-2002-BETA
and VMware Workstation 3.0.0 build 1455.

So I give no garantee that this work with current version or even that there
a problem to be solved with current version of both. ;-)


PS: Any further help is welcome.

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Subject: Re: [debian-knoppix] Stupid question: Boot in text mode

> Moin David!
> David GLAUDE Mailing schrieb am Tuesday, den 28. May 2002:
> > When booting into ab vmware (I know it is not free nor free),
> > I don't succeed to make X11 work.
> > It take a bit of time for knoppix to try various graphic card driver and
> > fail.
> > I would like to save that time (but without having to type at boot
> > Any other solution like "xwin=none" or ??? is welcome.
> I guess you are using vmware-3.x. The driver in X is not compatible with
> the new version. There is a nasty workaround, not end-user compatible.
> Copy /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers to a ramdisk, get the non-free
> module from vwmare.com, replace the module in the ramdisk and bind-mount
> the ramdisk over the existing directory. Then, go trough the X config
> and modify as suggested in the vmware FAQ linked from the same page
> where the module can be downloaded.
> Gruss/Regards,
> Eduard.

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