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Re: [debian-knoppix] Re:Gnome? About Klaus's script files...

Hello und hallo,

> What do you mean here with "sources" directory?

The sources directory is the directory where the files
from "cp -a /KNOPPIX/* " are copied to. 

> > The scripts comes after the customizations.
> > My question is when I try to execute
> > Knoppix.mkcompressed in this new environment, it
> > cannot mount the root directory (it is in two
> > different lines), it gives an error about no
> > mtab-fstab. Do you know about the problem?
> No. Did you have a look at Knoppix.mkcompressed
> changed it to fit your
> specific installation/partition configuration?

> > I commented these lines and after some trying, I
> > managed to write my cd. But now there are two
> > problems. One says (during the autoconf screen)
> > /etc/module.conf newer than bla bla and the other
> That should not be a problem.
One main problem is about /dev/null I think. 
For example there is a line in Knoppix.clean 
"depmod -a 2>/dev/null" and it gives a no permission
error about /dev/null. It seems to me that after
copying from the /KNOPPIX/ directory and chroot to the
copied location, I see that /dev/null is not working.
Should I try a different switch other than -a with cp.

> > occurs when clicking the floppy icon on KDE
> desktop.
> > It cannot mount the device and when done manually
> it
> > is not mounted with sync option. What is the
> problem
> > with /etc/auto.mnt?
> Maybe the automounter isn't running?
> /etc/init.d/autofs start

When I rightclick on KDE desktop and create a new
floppy device, it works. When I try 
/etc/init.d/autofs status before that it shows active
mounts. But when I just write "mount" I cannot see a
mount point for automount. I am fully confused. Do you
know when autofs is executed, before or after

> Regards
> -Klaus

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