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RE: [debian-knoppix] Re: Space problems....

Hello Klaus,

> How is this supposed to work? Each session adds a 
> subdirectory, but the
> compressed image is a single file.

to say it honestly I didn't remember that it was a
compressed single file. But I think to make it work you
would have to build more than one loop device and mount
them to a single mount point. If you could not do this
with a script during start up it would mean that you would
have to build dummy sessions for parts that you did not
want to use.

1. the script variant:
   during start up a script checks the cdrom if certain files
   exists and mounts them as loop devices.

2. the dummy variant:
   during start up certain files form the cdrom will be mounted
   as loop devices.

In both cases you get a non standard file hierarchy.

In the dummy variant you could build links in the main loop
device filesystem, that would point to parts that would be
mounted in other loop devices. In the not used parts this link
targets would be also links that point to an executable that
says something like "This program is not included".

In the script variant you would have to mount the root file
system on a ram disk and have to put in a lot of links to get
something resembling a standard file hierarchy. This would make
it nessesary to execute a script from the loop root to populate
the links on the ram disk for this part.

In hindsight I think I have answered my question. It did not seem

with kind regards

Klaus Leiss
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