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RE: [debian-knoppix] Gnome?

> > Dies schrieb Klaus Knopper (knopper@linuxtag.org):
> > 
> > > funktioniert. Also entferne ich lieber sukzessive alle 
> GNOME-Pakete, um
> > > Platz zu sparen für wichtigere Dinge.
> > 
> > .o(IceWM?)
> > *bettel* ;)
> Hmm... Hast Du nicht schon mal mit
> knoppix desktop=icewm
> gebootet? Das sollte eigentlich gehen, schon seit einer sehr frühen
> 3.1-er Version.
> Insgesamt sollten alle diese Bootoptionen gehen:
> desktop=gnome|kde|larswm|xfce|windowmaker|wmaker|icewm|twm

|ion ?

BTW? I am currently making some customizations of the official
CD so it can fit into a credit-card CD (:150Mb).
I used a tip that was sent on the list a fewx weeks ago.
I still have a few problems (something like 'read-only filesystem')
when depmod -a is launched. But I presume I made something wrong.
I will have a look later.

My current operating procedure is:
boot on Knoppix-CD.
Copy / to a directory on the hard drive. 
Chroot to it.
Make all the apt-XXX I want.
Leave the chroot.
Use the magical sabbat trick to create the KNOPPIX file.

I think you told me a long time ago that 
/var needed to be cleaned up before you can make
a clean KNOPPIX file. And that you use scripts to
clean it up.

Could you please explain it to us?
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