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[debian-knoppix] noeject failing due to CMDLINE on 3.1Beta 11-07-2002 + multiple xsession question

Hi List !

it seems that "knoppix noeject " doesn't work because  of the way
/proc/cmdline is parsed...
in /etc/init.d/knoppix-halt in 3.1 Beta 11-07-2002

I read a comment in knoppix-autoconfig that with kern 2.4.19rc1
read CMDLINE < /proc/cmdline had to be replaced by
CMDLINE="$ cat/proc/cmdline)". so I suppose this change should be
done on knoppix-halt too !

2) I would like to have a clean new session for the knoppix user
when a user logs out from one of the shared computer, instead of rebooting
the pc.

now it seems that /etc/init.d/xsession kills the X-server and the machine
does any one have some tips to change this behaviour ?
I suspect that that there is some work to do after the
su -c "DISPLAY=:0 exec /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc" - $USER ...
instead of killing the Xserver, I suppose that I should really delete the
knoppix user and recreate it?
this would clean the session (/and puts everything back to its default .....
Anybody with some good ideas ? or code  ?  ;-)


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