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[debian-knoppix] xmms: Device or resource busy


Some problems with 3.1-06-07-2002:

* When trying to play music in XMMS (music works in Konqueror when hovering a
sound file, never in XMMS, even with Konqueror closed. Also no sound in 'bb'):
In console: ** WARNING **: oss_open(): Failed to open audio device (/dev/dsp):
Device or resource busy
Dialog: Can't open audio

* Right click on CD-ROM icon on desktop: 
The desktop entry file
/home/knoppix/Desktop/CD-ROM [cdrom]
has an invalid menu entry

* Left click on the cdrom doesn't mount it? URL=/mnt/cdrom 
"mount /mnt/cdrom" doesn't work (used to work?) but "mount /mnt/auto/cdrom" works.

* When I put files in my ~/Desktop folder, they don't show up on my desktop?

Furthermore, I'd rather have anti-aliased fonts enabled by default than the
transparent windows.

Should I try the latest iso?

Thanks in advance,

Lionello Lunesu
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