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[debian-knoppix] knoppix mirror source.rfc822.org offline

due to really hard traffic consumption of the knoppix.iso i took it
offline for now. It seems that only the knoppix-3.0.iso made >550GB
in 4 hours which lead collegues to shut the switch port.

This is the top 10 downloaders for the hours 6-10 for today. Number in
front is the number of iso downloads.

     52 cw07.bs1.srv.t-online.de
     49 cw05.bs1.srv.t-online.de
     49 cw03.bs1.srv.t-online.de
     47 cw08.bs1.srv.t-online.de
     47 cw06.bs1.srv.t-online.de
     47 cw04.bs1.srv.t-online.de
     39 cw02.bs1.srv.t-online.de
     35 cw01.bs1.srv.t-online.de
     19 p3e9bbce9.dip.t-dialin.net
     12 paris.swm.de

It seems that noone really cares to cache these images nor to put it
on local mirrors.

Florian Lohoff                  flo@rfc822.org             +49-5201-669912
                        Heisenberg may have been here.

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