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[debian-knoppix] Neue 3.1-er Version zum Testen


I hope my workaround for the /proc/cmdline weirdness in Kernel
2.4.19-rc1 is working, and commandline parameters are now accepted

Also, on request, I installed the preliminary GNOME 2.0 packages from

This (re-)moved and installed a lot of gnome-related stuff which I
have no experience with. So, the gnome thing is completely untested.
Feel free to send patches, or requests for removal of incomplete
packages. I suggest you start with desktop=wmaker or similar, since
desktop=gnome apparently starts twm as gnome's windowmanager for some
reason now.

New experimental ISO images can be found at
http://hydra.linuxtag.org/~knopper/knoppix/TESTING/ (knoppix:cd)
as usual.

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