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Re: runit: cgroups support

[2019-02-28 12:06] Dmitry Bogatov <KAction@debian.org>
> Package: runit
> Version: 2.1.2-23
> Severity: wishlist
> Just a thought. What about adding support of cgroups into invoke-run
> script. It could create one cgroup for every service and set configure
> its limits from config directory /etc/sv/<service>/cf-conf, for example.

Some experiments had shown following wierd behaviour:

1. create new cgroup without any limits

 # mkdir /sys/fs/cgroups/foobar
 # cd /sys/fs/cgroups/foobar

2. try to put process it it

 # echo $$ > tasks
 bash: echo: write error: No space left on device

3. Now, perform magic I have searched for on web for hour or so:

 # echo 0 | tee cpuset.mems cpuset.cpus
 # echo $$ > tasks

4. Success!

This is workaround I need to keep in mind when implementing cgroup support.

Dear kernel maintainers, is intendend behaviour?
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