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I have a Thinkpad L380 with Intel 8265 chipset running Debian stable
(kernel 4.9.144-3).

# dmesg | grep -i iwlwifi 

.... firmware: failed to load iwlwifi-8265-26.ucode (-2)
.....Direct firmware load for iwlwifi-8265-26.ucode failed with error -2
.... firmware: failed to load iwlwifi-8265-25.ucode (-2)
.....Direct firmware load for iwlwifi-8265-25.ucode failed with error -2
.... firmware: failed to load iwlwifi-8265-24.ucode (-2)
.....Direct firmware load for iwlwifi-8265-24.ucode failed with error -2
.... firmware: failed to load iwlwifi-8265-23.ucode (-2)
.....Direct firmware load for iwlwifi-8265-23.ucode failed with error -2
.....loaded firmware version 22.3.... op_mode iwlmvm

Wifi is not working.

All I could find on the package.debian.org server for stable was -22.

I did 

# git clone http://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git

This is what I got:

#$ find . -name "iwlwifi*" | grep 8265 | sort

The required revisions 23 through 26 are not there in the repository.

If you could tell me (or point me to some URL) how to get my wifi
working, it would be really helpful.

I am sorry for troubling you with this, but searching for an answer
online and posting the problem in unix.stackexchange did not yield
anything helpful. If you think I should post this in the debian-kernel 
mailing list, I can do that.

Thank you.

With regards,

Manoj Kummini
Associate Professor, Mathematics, Chennai Mathematical Institute, 
Siruseri Tamilnadu 603103. India. 12 deg 50 min N, 80 deg 13 min E.

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