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Bug#928125: Revert commit 310ca162d77

Hi Jan, hi Greg,

On Wed, Mar 20, 2019 at 01:58:06PM +0100, Jan Kara wrote:
> Hello,
> commit 310ca162d77 "block/loop: Use global lock for ioctl() operation." has
> been pushed to multiple stable trees. This patch is a part of larger series
> that overhauls the locking inside loopback device upstream and for 4.4,
> 4.9, and 4.14 stable trees only this patch from the series is applied. Our
> testing now has shown [1] that the patch alone makes present deadlocks
> inside loopback driver more likely (the openqa test in our infrastructure
> didn't hit the deadlock before whereas with the new kernel it hits it
> reliably every time). So I would suggest we revert 310ca162d77 from 4.4,
> 4.9, and 4.14 kernels.

A user in Debian reported [1], providing the following testcase which showed up
after the recent update to 4.9.168-1 in Debian stretch (based on upstream
v4.9.168) as follows:

	dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/ff1.raw bs=1G seek=8 count=0
	sleep 1
	parted /tmp/ff1.raw mklabel msdos
	parted -s /tmp/ff1.raw mkpart primary linux-swap 1 100
	parted -s -- /tmp/ff1.raw mkpart primary ext2 101 -1
	parted -s -- /tmp/ff1.raw set 2 boot on
	sleep 5
	losetup -Pf /tmp/ff1.raw --show

I have verified that the same happens with v4.9.171 where the mentioned commit
was not reverted, and bisecting of the testcase showed it was introduced with
3ae3d167f5ec2c7bb5fcd12b7772cfadc93b2305 (v4.9.152~9) (which is the backport of
310ca162d77 for 4.9).

Reverting 3ae3d167f5ec2c7bb5fcd12b7772cfadc93b2305 on top of v4.9.171 worked
and fixed the respective issue.

Can this commit in meanwhile be reverted or is there further ongoing work in
integrating the followup fixes as mentioned in
https://lore.kernel.org/stable/20190321104110.GF29086@quack2.suse.cz/ .


 [1] https://bugs.debian.org/928125

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