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Bug#924349: linux-image-4.19.0-2-amd64: IPv6 reverse path filtering incorrectly removes IPv6 traffic from bridge


>> No, I have not.
>> We are having a string of weird issues in our network (that we run in our free
>> time) so far this year so all the time I had went into debugging this and other
>> issues.
>> Would it be helpful for you to know the fixing commit?
> If the fixing commit can be identified and if it's not too intrusive to
> backport, it could be considered for the 4.19 stable backports and would
> thus be fixed in Buster (as buster is following the 4.19.x kernels both
> in the freeze and during the lifetime of the buster stable release.

I could try a bisect, but I think the full set of commits is rather big... do
you have a good guess for a subdirectory that I could meaningfully restrict the
bisect to?

No promises, not sure yet how much time I will really have.

; Ralf

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