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Bug#926632: [src:linux] Trackpad and trackpoint stopped working in Thinkpad P50

Package: src:linux
Version: linux-image-4.19.0-4-amd64
Severity: normal

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I realized that the trackpad and trackpoint stopped working recently in my Thinkpad P50 laptop.

I am using Debian testing updated daily. The problem has been detected with the kernel:

Package: linux-image-4.19.0-4-amd64
Version: 4.19.28-2

If I start the laptop with the previously available 4.19.0-2-amd64 Linux image, everything works properly.

--- System information. ---
Architecture: Kernel:       Linux 4.19.0-2-amd64

Debian Release: buster/sid
  500 zesty           ppa.launchpad.net   500 xenial          packages.microsoft.com   500 wheezy          packages.microsoft.com   500 unstable        www.deb-multimedia.org   500 testing         ftp.ch.debian.org   500 stretch         download.docker.com   500 stretch         deb.theforeman.org   500 stable          packages.microsoft.com   500 stable          ftp.ch.debian.org   500 stable          dl.google.com   500 plugins         deb.theforeman.org   500 kubernetes-xenial apt.kubernetes.io   500 jessie          packagecloud.io
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