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Bug#926149: AMD: Add nomodeset kernel parameter to avoid black screen

>>>>> "BH" == Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk> writes:

BH> The installer normally uses a dumb framebuffer driver (probably efifb
BH> on this system) that is built into the kernel.  This is too low-
BH> performance for a proper desktop.

OK, the installer could first double check that the framebuffer driver
it intends to write to the installation really will work, by telling the

"5 seconds please, while we test your framebuffer ability."

During which it could launch its proposed framebuffer,
see if /proc/sys/.../{voltage or number of lit pixels, etc.} has
suddenly dropped to zero, indicating a black screen, and then back out
of that choice. Or simply ask the user "in a moment you will be asked if
you saw a black screen".

Anyway, if the installer thinks a certain video mode is so cool that it
sets it up as what will be used when the new system boots, then why
doesn't the installer try a "taste of its own medicine," and use it
right away when running the graphical and non-graphical interactive
installs. I mean if it is so confident that it will work...

Or the kernel itself certainly should have a way to do "OK, for the next
operation, check if it has made the screen (which was not black) now
become suddenly black? If so, back out."

Anyway certainly
has it right at least about the *2nd (recovery mode) grub entries*.
They should certainly have nomodeset added!

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