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Bug#885166: instability with 4.14 regarding KVM virtualization

Source: linux
Source-Version: 4.15~rc8-1~exp1

Hi Marc,

On Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 02:44:44PM +0100, Marc Haber wrote:
> Hi,
> after in total nine weeks of bisecting, broken filesystems, service
> outages (thankfully on unportant systems), 4.15 seems to have fixed the
> issue. After going to 4.15, the crashes never happened again.
> They have, however, happened with each and every 4.14 release I tried,
> which I stopped doing with 4.14.15 on Jan 28.
> This means, for me, that the issue is fixed and that I have just wasted
> nine weeks of time.
> For Debian, this means that there is a crippling, data-eating issue in
> the current long-term releae kernel. I do sincerely hope that I never
> have to lay my eye on any 4.14 kernel again and hope that no major
> distribution will release with this version.

I'm sorry this was a frustrated triage, I can immagine.

Looking today through the kernel archive, I noticed an answer from
Paolo Bonzini, <62aa6b81-5456-07dc-cf64-e46747d3a70d@redhat.com>,
claiming this is fixed by

which is in 4.15-rc8, and thus confirming that you did not had the
issue anymore in 4.15.

Closing this bug with that version, but do you have a chance to
confirm that?


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