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Bug#865646: linux: Backport of ARM Mali Midgard device tree bindings and gpu node for rk3288

Hi Ben,

Please see below, this is about adding backports of the Mali GPU
device tree bindings to the Debian kernel 4.9:

On 23/06/17 14:25, Guillaume Tucker wrote:
The device tree bindings for the ARM Mali Midgard GPU driver are
now in linux-next with gpu nodes for the rk3288 platform.  Having
this backported into the Debian 4.9 kernel would enable making a
DKMS package for it and subsequently user-space non-free

Rockchip maintainer branch for 4.13:


Now that the Stretch release is out of the way, I thought I would
bring this topic up again.  If this is something that could be
merged, can I help in any way to start making some progress?

Best wishes,

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