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Re: [debhelper-devel] Bug#198507: dh_install: fails if filenames have an embedded space

Ben Hutchings:
> It looks like this was quietly fixed somewhere between 10.2.5 and
> 10.6.2, maybe in 10.5.1 by:
>   * dh_install: Optimize some patterns into bulked "cp" calls.  This
>     optimization is only applicable in some cases (notably, it is always
>     disabled by --exclude).
> This actually broke src:linux as we accidentally relied on dh_install
> breaking at spaces.  We'll fix that, but you might want to make the
> change dependent on compat level in case it breaks other packages. 
> Possibly the change in 10.6.3 does that.
> Ben.
> [...]

Hmm, that is interesting.  Said optimization was disabled in 10.6.1 (by
making it conditional on compat 11) and the rewritten for 10.6.3.  That
suggests it is a different thing happening.  Probably caused by the
rewrite of the glob expansion though.

I am a bit surprised why this would occur as AFAICT the splitting on
space happens during parsing, which I have left unchanged.

Can you provide an example of what worked before that now breaks.  If I
can get a minimal test case up and running, I can probably bisect the
code and figure out exactly where it breaks.


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