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Re: linux_4.9.30-2+deb9u2~bpo8+1_multi.changes REJECTED

On 7 July 2017 15:16:02 BST, Scott Kitterman <debian@kitterman.com> wrote:
>On Friday, July 07, 2017 02:43:03 PM Rhonda D'Vine wrote:
>>     Hey Ben,
>> * Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk> [2017-07-07 13:49:12 CEST]:
>> > On Fri, 2017-07-07 at 11:19 +0000, Debian FTP Masters wrote:
>> > > Version check failed:
>> > > Your upload included the binary package linux-source-4.9, version
>> > > 4.9.30-2+deb9u2~bpo8+1, for all,
>> > > however unstable already has version 4.9.30-2.
>> > 
>> > For fuck's sake, decruft it!
>> > 
>> > This has been blocking kernel security updates to jessie-backports
>> > over 2 weeks.
>>  I'm terribly sorry about that I missed going over the cruft report
>> such long, I take the responsibility for that.

Thank you, but I wasn't complaining to you.

>> It should be all done
>> now, the cruft reports are empty from what I can tell:
>> rhonda@fasolo:~$ dak cruft-report -s jessie-backports
>> rhonda@fasolo:~$
>>  The message that you receive though points in a different direction
>> than cruft report: proposed-updates contain a version higher than
>> we have in unstable. I think that automatic blocking of versions
>> than what we have in unstable is intentional in place.

I understood and agree with that.

>> Why was a
>> version higher than what we have in unstable accepted?

Because the security archive doesn't have such a restriction.

>> Will it get
>> removed from unstable, and if so, when?
>>  Ansgar, do you maybe know how we can force that in for now?  Or why
>> linux-source-4.9 is still sitting in unstable, it is not in testing
>> though.
>* package linux-source-4.9 in version 4.9.30-2 is no longer built from

Exactly - it's unstable that needs decrufting, which I have previously (and more politely) requested.

>  - suggested command:
>dak rm -m "[auto-cruft] no longer built from source" -s unstable -a all
>-R -b linux-source-4.9
>  - broken Build-Depends:
>    user-mode-linux: linux-source-4.9


>We're in the middle of dinstall, so I can't remove it now.  If I
>I'll go ahead and remove it later today (and uml will have to figure
>else out).

Thank you. user-mode-linux really should be removed or folded into src:linux.


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