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Kernel version for stretch

I'm currently maintaining the Linux 3.2 longterm branch and will do so
until May 2018 (end of wheezy LTS).  I will also be taking over
maintenance of the 3.16 longterm branch soon, and assuming there is a
jessie LTS I will do so until April 2020.

For stretch, I would very much like to choose a kernel version for
stretch that gets longterm maintenance by Greg Kroah-Hartman.  That
lasts 2 years from release, after which someone else (maybe me) can
take over.  I do not want to maintain 3 kernel longterm branches at a
time, and there is consensus among the stable maintainers that it is
undesirable to have more than one longterm branch started per year.

Greg's new policy is to pick the first Linus release in each year for
longterm maintenance.  The longterm branch for 2016 is based on Linux
4.4, released at the end of week 1 (10th January).  By the time stretch
is released, 4.4 will be quite old (the same problem squeeze and wheezy
had, requiring many driver backports).

Based on the current 9 week upstream release cycle, the longterm branch
for 2017 will presumably be based on Linux 4.10, released at the end of
week 3 (22nd January 2017).  That's well after the planned stretch
freeze date so I don't see how it can be included.

Can you suggest any way to resolve this?

(By the way, I haven't seen the stretch freeze dates announced
anywhere; I only found them on a wiki page.  A new "Bits from the
release team" seems to be overdue.)


Ben Hutchings
73.46% of all statistics are made up.

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