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Questions about adding new kernel configs to support omap5 devboard

Hi all,

I have been trying debian kernel on my OMAP5432 uEVM devboard these days
and now manage to boot it by adding some extra configs in the kernel and
configure initramfs-tools to include some .ko of regulator drivers in the

Here, I have a few questions about how to do it (adding new configs to
support new platform) in debian( kernel)’s way.

The first question is about the recommended procedure to change
configurations while building the kernel package for testing.

According to the debian linux kernel handbook, the recommended ways should
be like:

$ make -C debian/build/build_armhf_none_armmp-lpae menuconfig

And then:

$ fakeroot make -f debian/rules.gen binary-arch_armhf_none_armmp-lpae

However, I found that it (menuconfig) doesn’t actually affect the real
configs while doing binary-arch packaging (though it does change
debian/build/build_armhf_none_armmp-lpae/.config). What I have done
(while testing) was adding the required configs to the end of
debian/build/config.armhf_none_armmp-lpae (for temporary packaging test).

The second question is about adding missing .ko while making initrd.
Right now, in order to include necessary regulator drivers
(palmas-regulator.ko etc.) in the initrd, I have to manually add
the required modules in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules. Is it necessary
to look into initramfs-tools and make a patch to include the required
 .ko by default? Or there are other preferred ways to solve the
problem if the OMAP5432 uEVM can be called supported by Debian.


Chen Baozi

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