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Re: Kernel Stacktrace on running lspci on Debian Testing with 3.14

On Fri, 13 Jun 2014 08:39:28 +0200
Frank Lanitz <frank@frank.uvena.de> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Not yet sure whether it's a bug inside the kernel, an issue with core
> utils or maybe some hardware fuck up.
> At my new Thhinkpad T440p I'm getting an kernel stack trace when
> running lspci. Output of lspci is something like "cannot parse file"
> and it stopping at 0:00:0. This is happenning on lates Debian Testing
> with 3.14 kernel fresh installed. After this network is not working
> anymore. Not sure if there is anything else effected (on stacktrace
> e1000 modul is mentioned)
> Well... my question is: How to go further to investigate this issue
> best? Sure I can put the output here, but this is more kind of a meta
> question before I'm doing this;)

OK. Seems to be a kernel issue with 3.14.1 package versions 3.14.4-1 as
well as 3.14.5-1. Will file a bug report later. With 3.12 it's working


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