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Bug#751143: initramfs-tools: please add support for virtio-mmio

* Aurelien Jarno [Tue Jun 10, 2014 at 08:26:03PM +0200]:

> On most virtual machines it is possible to use the virtio interface
> through the PCI bus to export for example block or net devices. On some
> architectures the emulated machine does not have a PCI bus, and thus the
> transport goes through an MMIO interface.

> Currently initramfs-tools correctly handle the PCI case, but not the
> MMIO on. In case of a virtio based root device, the virtio_mmio module
> is not available in the initramfs causing the boot to fail. The patch
> below adds the virtio_mmio module if virtio is used (in dep mode), or by
> default (in most mode). Could you please apply it in the next upload?

Thanks for the patch, applied to master so will be part of the next


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