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pata_legacy module support

I'm sorry to bother with such a simple question, but I've posted a similar request at every debian forum that I can find with no answers.

I'd like to know why the amd64 port has removed support for the pata_legacy module?

I'm sure there's a good or maybe even obvious reason, but I just can't seem to find it.

I have an Intel "server" board with a 64-bit dual core cpu, 945GZ chipset and ICH7R disk controller with both SATA and IDE ports.

In order for the OS to enumerate all SATA and IDE ports, I need to use the pata_legacy module, but currently with the amd64 kernel I can't.

If I could somehow insmod the pata_legacy module to the kernel I would, but other kernel modules aren't compatible with this one.

I've never built my own kernel and would consider doing so, but if the pata_legacy isn't in the source I can't do that either.

I'd just like to know why the module has been removed, for support, for stability, for efficiency?

Is there anything that I'd  be giving up leaving the amd64 kernel and using the 686 kernel instead?

Thank you for your time.

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