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Bug#750360: systemd-sysv: breaks NFS root systems


> You are misunderstanding. If /usr is on a separate file system and we
> mount that from within the initramfs [1], we don't need to worry about
> using resources from /usr
> > Apart from that, there is no /usr in the initramfs.
> I didn't say that.

Ah. I misread your idea as bind-mounting /usr from initramfs.

However, I think we should really take the sh -c approach. Again: We are just 
trying to find out if we managed to get / mounted, which might have failed 
badly. We cannot even rely on that, let alone getting something else mounted. 
Moreover, the initramfs is all about getting / mounted and the idea is to have 
inside it exactly everything needed to get / mounted, pass on to init and have 
that get the rest straight. If /usr is on a seperate filesystem, chances are 
we do not even have kernel support to get it mounted in initramfs.

Really, just sh -c and that's it!


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