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Bug#750463: firmware-linux-nonfree: needs Radeon firmware updates for Linux 3.15

Package: firmware-linux-nonfree
Version: 0.41
Severity: important

With Linux 3.15-rc7 in experimental and 3.15 expected to be released within a
week, updated Radeon firmware is needed (and, ideally, would already be
available in experimental). I'm not sure what will be missing or
non-functional without the updated firmware, but I do know that the kernel
expects it to be there (AIUI, this is for SI/CIK hardware) and that this
would bite here if I weren't building my own kernels and didn't know where
else to look for the firmware.

I note that not all of the new firmware is present upstream yet ‒ all
radeon/*_mc2.bin are missing. All necessary files are present at

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