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Bug#750354: Aw: Re: Bug#750354: linux-image-3.2.0-4-kirkwood: usbip-core.ko and usbip-host.ko missing

> Bug #568903 enabled this feature for x86, [...]

While I can't comment on the evolution of the code, I can offer some circumstantial evidence. According to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/900384, Ubuntu has been shipping these modules in the default kernel for two years now. Apart from PEBKAC-errors mentioned in the bug report and possibly mismatching userland tools (which would be another bug report on package usbip, should it affect Debian too), a quick google search didn't show problems relating to crashes, machine freezes or OOPSes.

>From a users perspective: There used to be a source package to build these modules on any arch if one wanted to do so (perfectly acceptable solution, in my opinion). With the removal of this package and the addition of the drivers for x86 only, this breaks the package usbip on anything but x86 (what about amd64?). Even worse, there is no way for the average user to get this functionality, as the simplest way to get these modules is currently a full rebuild of the kernel - but compiling the kernel on (in my case) an ARM machine takes just under an eternity and cross-compilation is a pretty advanced topic, IMHO.

If including these modules in the default Debian kernel is not an option, having a simple solution to get them would be great. 
Either installing them from a separate package or having a low-maintenance way to compile just the required modules (without the full kernel rebuild, e.g., something involving module-assistant or DKMS) would be sufficient.

Damina Philipp

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