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Kernel version for jessie

Based on a linear regression of Linux release dates since 3.2, I
extrapolated that the latest stable release at freeze time will likely
be 3.17: <http://www.decadent.org.uk/ben/tmp/linux-release-dates.svg>.
However, there will be little time for any necessary but disruptive
fixes or packaging changes before the freeze.

The earlier we freeze the kernel, the more work will be required to
backport fixes and hardware enablement during the jessie support period.
So I think that 3.16 would be the best fit.

It is also very unlikely that a PREEMPT_RT patchset will be available
for 3.15 or 3.17, but there probably will be one for 3.16.

I won't have time to take on maintenance of another longterm stable
branch besides 3.2, so I think it is important that the version we use
can be based on a longterm stable branch maintained by someone else.  On
that basis, I would like to propose to Greg K-H that his next longterm
branch be based on 3.16.

Does anyone disagree with that?


Ben Hutchings
Life would be so much easier if we could look at the source code.

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