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Bug#686605: linux-image-3.2.0-3-amd64: rtl8192ce does not appear available on netinst media


Andrew Brouwers <abrouwers@gmail.com> (03/09/2012):
> When trying to install wheezy on a new thinkpad (containing the
> generic "thinkpad wifi," turning out to be a RealTek card), I noticed
> that the udev of kernel modules did not seem to contain rtl8192ce as a
> module, making the install not possible over wifi.  Inserting the
> firmware did not allow the interface to appear, and I could't seem to
> spot it doing a 'find /lib/modules -iname "*rtl*" '
> Might it be possible to include this module?  After install wheezy,
> with the same firmware provided during the installation (which I went
> through with over ethernet), the card worked after first boot, on the
> stock 3.2 kernel.

we received a similar request on -boot@[1], for rtl8192se this time. I
guess adding the whole family would be nice?

 1. https://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2012/09/msg00428.html

Thanks for considering.


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