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Bug#679158: [PATCH] asus-wmi: use ASUS_WMI_METHODID_DSTS2 as default DSTS ID.

Dear all,

the patch seems to be integrated in 3.5.4 (current stable kernel). When
rebasing using git I see that the patch is not applied on top, most
likely because it was already included somewhere in the official stable
Linux itself.

As mentioned in the following Ubuntu bug report, this patch causes
problems (which I also observe).

It takes me about 10 tries to successfully boot my system. In the
unsuccessful tries the screen is blanked shortly during the boot process
and nothing happens (the magic keys don't work, network access cannot be
tested that early).

Carsten Otto           otto@informatik.rwth-aachen.de
LuFG Informatik 2      http://verify.rwth-aachen.de/otto/
RWTH Aachen            phone: +49 241 80-21211

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